MindSeize demo patched to version 0.1.7

Hi! A new patch for MindSeize pre-alpha demo is now available. Included are the following:

-Added simple audio and video settings

-Added the possibility to change key bindings

-Edited geometry of few rooms to make some areas more easily accessible

-Edited the death explosion of Patroller Unit

-Lowered the Patroller Unit hitpoints a tiny bit

-The Guardian shoots rockets bit less frequent now

-Fixed a bug where you couldn’t cling to walls after a failed ledge jump

-Fixed a bug when airdashing against a ledge

-Fixed a bug with the elevator in the Guardian Room

-(Hopefully) fixed a bug where Patroller Unit sometimes would play wrong animations

-Few other minor bug fixes as well

There might still be some small issues when changing settings, if you encounter any, please give us some feedback so we can fix the pesky bugs!


MindSeize (Pre-Alpha Demo) 67 MB
Jun 24, 2018

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